Remove Liquidity

Liquidity Providers (LP) can decrease the liquidity.

To remove liquidity in Tokamak bridge, follow these steps

  1. Select the liquidity card that you would like to decrease liquidity under "Your Pools" page.

  1. After selecting a position, view the details of the position.

  • Click on the left Remove ‘-’ button.

  1. Set how much of the liquidity you want to remove.

  • On the Remove Liquidity page, you can see how many tokens you have in the position and the fees you've accumulated.

  • At the Select Amount, you can set how much of your liquidity you want to remove. The amount is adjustable with the 25%, 50%, 75%, and MAX buttons, or you can drag the blue slider below to set the amount. Whatever amount you set here, all accumulated fees will be claimed together.

  • Click the Preview button.

  1. Review the total amount you want to remove

  • You may also need an additional transaction to approve the Manager contract. Click the Remove button to trigger the transaction in your wallet.

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