You can stake TON or WTON on DAO candidates and receive staking rewards over time.

1. DAO candidate

To stake TON in the DAO candidate list, click on the expand button on the right for more details.

2. Staking information

When the detail information window expands, check the information about the DAO candidate.

  • Stakers: The number of users who have staked to this DAO candidate

  • Pending Withdrawal: The total amount not withdrawn after executing unstake

  • Your Staked: The amount you have staked for the currently selected DAO candidate

  • Unclaimed Staking Reward: Unclaimed staking reward that has accumulated.

3. Stake

There is a simulator in the upper right corner of the staking screen. With this, you can calculate the expected return rate according to the amount and duration of staking.

  • When you press the Simulator button, a popup appears.

  • Enter the TON to be staked.

  • Select the duration of the stake.

  • Click the Calculate button.

  • To close the popup, click the X button.

  • The expected amount of TON (or WTON) to be acquired during the selected period is displayed here.

  • USD value, APY, and KRW value of the TON amount to be obtained are displayed here.

  • When you click the Stake button, a popup window where you can stake appears.

  • To recalculate, click the Recalculate button.

  • When you click the Stake button, a popup window as below appears, and the quantity entered in the simulator is displayed identically, so you can conveniently execute staking immediately (quantity modification is also possible). You can stake TON or WTON.

When you press the Stake button, a Metamask popup window opens in the browser's Metamask extension. Complete the staking by clicking confirm.

If Stake button is disabled

  • This phenomenon occurs when the DAO candidate does not stake 1,000.1 TON.

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