The DAO committee members will vote on the proposed agenda.

Only the DAO committee have voting rights.

  • Regular users can participate indirectly by staking to a DAO committee member.

Proposals submitted through the Propose page will be displayed on the Agenda page. The three DAO members will vote during the voting period, and users can monitor this process.

1. Agenda Details

By clicking, you can access a page that displays the main content of the agenda and the voting status of the three DAO committee members.

2. Voting and Execution of Agenda

  • The three members of the DAO committee will have a vote button for the agenda, as shown in Figure 2 below. This button is not visible to regular users.

  • The voting form allows not only for choices of approval, disapproval, or abstention, but also for detailed comments to be written.

  • If approval is given by majority of DAO committee members, the agenda is considered passed, and the 'Execute' button is activated as shown in the image below.

  • Click on 'Execute'. Not just the proposer, but anyone can execute this action.

  • After clicking the 'Execute' button, a MetaMask wallet will appear. Complete the procedure by clicking 'Confirm'.

  • Pressing the 'Execute' button immediately reflects the voting results in the smart contract according to the outcome.

  • If the proposer wishes to cancel their proposed agenda, they should click on END AGENDA, as illustrated in the image below.

  • Please note, if at least one person has participated in voting, the agenda cannot be cancelled.

3. Voting Status

  • You can check the voting status of the three members of the DAO committee (number 6 in the image below).

  • The number of comments left by voters is displayed (number 7 in the image below).

  • Specific comments can be viewed (number 8 in the image below).

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