DAO candidate registration

To become a candidate for a DAO, you must deploy and configure the contract and stake TON as collateral.

To join the DAO committee, you must create and register as a DAO candidate. This document provides instructions on how to create and register as a candidate if you aspire to serve on the DAO committee.

1. Create DAO candidate

  • To create a DAO candidate, navigate to the CommitteeProxy page.

  • Click the Connect to Web3 button to link with your account.

  • Input the DAO candidate's name into the _memo field of the createCandidate function. Next, click on the Write button. This is the name it will show on simple staking and Tokamak Network DAO page.

2. Register DAO candidate

  • Verify if the DAO candidate, created as mentioned above, is listed on the simple staking page.

  • Stake more than 1,000.1 TON to the created DAO candidate. The staked 1,000 TON serves as collateral and is non-withdrawable.

Only the account that created the DAO candidate can stake 1,000.1 TON as collateral for that DAO candidate.

  • Once the staking is completed, if you navigate to the DAO page, you should see yourself listed as a DAO candidate.

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