Kind explanation on the terms you should know to understand Tokamak Network ecosystem.


TON is Tokamak Network's native token and can be swapped with other project tokens that live within Tokamak Network's ecosystem.


Even though TON is an ERC20 token, it cannot be swapped directly via Uniswap and other automated market makers due to a security feature. Only Tokamak Network supports direct swaps between TON and other tokens. To use automated market makers other than Tokamak Network, you wrap TON to WTON first using Tokamak Network Swap and then swap


TOS is TONStarter's native token that can be staked to use for different functions offered in TONStarter.


sTOS is TONStarter's governance token that can be earned from staking TOS with a lock-up period of up to 156 weeks. You can also earn sTOS from bonding by specifying a lock-up period longer than 1 week. sTOS also allows you to invest more (than others, without sTOS) for any new projects onboarding on TONStarter.


dTOS is an incentive token for staking liquidity that can discount the cost of bonding. It will be the cornerstone for building deep liquidity for any onboarding projects. This feature is not introduced yet.


If you stake TOS, you earn LTOS based on the LTOS index, the swap ratio between LTOS and TOS. LTOS index is increased every 8 hours to give interest to LTOS holders. For example, suppose LTOS index is 2.0 TOS; then, if you stake 100 TOS, you will get 100/2 = 50 LTOS. Suppose that LTOS index is increased to 3.0; then you can unstake your 50 LTOS for 3*50 = 150 TOS, which means you have earned 50 TOS from staking your TOS.


Bond allows users to purchase TOS cheaper price at a cost of setting a lock-up period, where the user cannot utilize the TOS from bonding for at least 5 days. If the lock-up period is at least 1 week, the user also receives sTOS. All TOS earned from bonds are automatically staked as LTOS and can be unstaked after the lock-up period. This means that any TOS from bonding earns interest immediately and will keep earning interest as long as it is not unstaked, even after the lock-up period is passed.


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