DAO candidates

Among the DAO candidates, the top three, determined by the amount of TON staked, have the authority to serve as DAO committee members.

DAO candidate registration: link

1. Staking to DAO candidates

As illustrated in the figure below, select a DAO candidate to stake.

  • If you stake to the DAO candidate, you will receive staking rewards.

2. Staking result

If you have staked for the DAO candidate, the following information will be displayed on the DAO page:

  • The amount you have staked is displayed.

  • You can add more to your stake by pressing the Stake button.

  • If you press the "Update Reward" button, you can check how much staking reward has accrued over time.

  • When you press the Update button, staking reward will be added to Your Staked.

3. DAO committee member

The three people with the highest staking amount can become DAO committee members.

The total staking amount includes both the amount staked by the candidate and the amount staked by others on behalf of the candidate.

  • Click the "Challenge" button (marked as number 1 in the image below), then confirm in the Metamask pop-up window. Choose an existing DAO member with less staked TON than you do.

  • If the challenge is successful, you will replace the DAO committee member (marked as number 2 in the image below).

'Retire' button will appear for you to use if you wish to resign as a DAO committee member.

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