What is Tokamak Network?

Tokamak Network is an on-demand Ethereum Layer 2 platform for building and connecting layer 2 networks

  1. Easy Layer 2 Network Deployment: With Tokamak Network, you can build customizable Layer 2 networks. This ease of development promotes growth.

  2. Layer 2 Interoperability: Your custom Layer 2 network can connect to any other Layer 2 within Tokamak Network. The Cross-Layer Message Protocol enables network communication without needing to go through the base layer.

  3. Improved Security: Staking TON enhances your Layer 2 network's security. Tokamak Network ensures every Layer 2 network is fully verified from the start.

  4. Decentralized Governance: TON stakers govern Tokamak Network. This decentralized governance enables network upgrades, ecosystem expansion, and protocol improvements to be coordinated and implemented autonomously.

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