Introducing the process of withdrawing staked TON.

There are two key points to note. First, withdrawing the staked amount requires two steps: unstaking and then withdrawing. Second, withdrawal is only possible after 93,046 blocks from unstaking (approximately 14 days).

Withdrawal delay period

  • Period: 93,046 blocks after unstaking (approximately equivalent to 14 days).

Sometimes, users say that even after waiting about two weeks (Withdrawal delay period), they haven't received their tokens. This problem usually happens when they forget to click the withdraw button after the unstaking period is over.

1. Unstake

  • When you press the Unstake button, a pop-up appears.

  • When the pop-up window appears, enter the amount of TON to be unstaked.

  • Click the Unstake button.

  • Click the confirm button in the Metamask popup that opens in the Metamask extension of the browser.

Before unstaking, check if there are any unclaimed staking rewards

  • After unstaking, any unclaimed staking rewards will be burned.

  • If there are unclaimed rewards, claim them to Your Staked first

2. Withdraw

  • You can withdraw after 93,046 blocks (~14 days) from unstaking. When you press the Withdraw button, a pop-up window appears.

  • The amount ready for withdrawal is shown in the Withdrawable Balance. This is the amount that has undergone the two-week delay period after unstaking.

  • If you press the Withdraw button, the whole amount available for withdrawal is taken out. Partial withdrawal is not an option.

  • Click the confirm button on the Metamask popup to complete the transaction.

3. Restake

After unstaking, you can restake at any time, provided you haven't made the withdrawal. The pending withdrawal amount will be displayed as 'Restakable Amount' in the pop-up window when you click the Restake button.

  • When you click the Restake button, a popup will appear.

  • The amount that can be restaked is displayed under the Restakable Amount. You can apply Restake to this entire amount at once, but not to just a portion of it.

  • Clicking the Restake button will open a Metamask popup window in your browser's Metamask extension. Confirm the action by pressing the confirm button.

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