Increase Liquidity

Liquidity Providers (LPs) can increase the liquidity within the initialized price range.

To increase liquidity on Tokamak Bridge, follow these steps.

  1. Select the liquidity card that you would like to increase liquidity under "Your Pools" page.

  1. After selecting a position, view the details of the position.

  • Click on the right Increase ‘+’ button

  1. Set how much of the liquidity you want to increase.

  • Now you can set how much you want to put into this position. Enter a value in one of the two fields and the other value will be automatically populated the corresponding amount.

It is not possible to change the price range for the position. To change the price range, remove all liquidity from the position and mint a new position with a new price range.

  • Click the Preview button

  1. Review the total amount you want to increase

  • You may also need an additional transaction to approve. Click the Increase button to trigger the transaction in your wallet.

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