DAO (TONStarter)

DAO, also known as Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is used to make important governance for TONStarter. Anyone who holds sTOS can participate in DAO.

01. DAO participation

To participate in TONStarter DAO, you must purchase TOS and lock TOS for sTOS.

  • ⓵ Go to Stake: if you do not have sTOS, go to Stake page and you can lock TOS for sTOS.

  • ⓶ Go to Governance: Once you have sTOS, you can go to the governance page to participate in DAO.

02. Governance

Anyone who holds sTOS can make a governance proposal and participate in voting. By selecting ⓶ Go to Governance, it will take you to the snapshot service for TONStarter.

How to use Snapshot

  • ⓵ Connect your wallet to show you are eligible to participate with your sTOS.

  • ⓶ You can search a proposal by categories : All, Active, Pending, Closed, Core

  • ⓷ Join : There will pop up the sign page of your wallet. With your confirmation of signing on your wallet, you will become a member of DAO.

  • ⓸ New proposal : With click on it, the right side of screen will show the list of proposals. If they are active, you can participate in voting. You can propose a new agenda clicking 'New project' button If you want to. 'About' button shows you list of an administator and core members.

  • As soon as your participation on DAO is confirmed after clicking 'Join' button, you can see 'Join' changed into 'Joined"

  • You can propose new agenda as shown in the picture below.

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