Users can purchase TOS at a discount price.

01. Introduction

You can purchase TOS at a discounted price using bonding.

  • However, there is a minimum lock-up period of 5 days, which means that you can use TOS afterward.

  • The discount is given to compensate for the wait.

Any TOS purchased using bonds are automatically staked as LTOS to ensure that the bond value is not depreciated

if the lock-up period is at least 1 week, you will receive sTOS, the governance token for TONStarter as well.

In the Bond page, you can see 3 items as below.

  • Treasury Balance : This shows the total value of the current non-TOS assets held by the Treasury. All circulating TOS is backed by the treasury balance.

  • TOS Price: This shows the current market price of TOS.

  • Bond List : This shows the list of bond markets. You many not be able to bond if the discount is negative or if the capacity is 0.

02. Purchasing a bond

If there is a bond you want to purchase under the bond list, you can select "Bond" button (see ⓷ in Fig. 1). Then popup summarizing the bond information will show up.

⓵ Purchase setup

  • Min Bond: Recommended minimum bonding amount to offset the gas cost for bonding

  • Max Bond: Maximum bonding amount

  • Lock-up Period: Time until earned LTOS can be unstaked for TOS.

  • LTOS index : Swap ratio of 1 LTOS to TOS

⓶ Bond Summary

  • Summarizes the bond you will purchase. Shows LTOS and sTOS amount as well.

03. Purchasing

⓵ Final verification

After pressing Bond button, MetaMask popup will popup.

⓶ Result verification

After your confirmation as above, you can see the result as below, showing the latest purchase is listed in front.

  • In order of "recently added", your latest bond is located in front.

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